Darkmoon Rounders is a Star League Heartstone tournament, starting with a group stage with all players advancing to the tournament.

Official stream is twitch.tv/whsl

See also: wiki.teamliquid.net/hearthstone/User:Mrmmolin/DRSL2015S1



  • All matches are best of five.
  • A player may not have more than one deck per class.
  • When a deck loses in a game, it cannot be replayed in the same match. The winning player must use the same deck until they either win the match or lose with that deck.
  • Between each game players have five minutes to select the deck for the next game.
  • If a player can not complete a match on set time, for whatever reason, then the opponent wins by walkover.

Group Stage

  • All players will compete against all others.
  • The three highest placed in the group stage will go directly to the playoff semi-finals.
  • The fourth and fifth placing players will compete for the last semi-final spot.
  • The last four will enter the loser's bracket, with sixth and seventh placing in round two while the last two placing in round one.


  • Double elimination only apply to the five highest placed from the group stage, while single elimination apply to the others.



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